oh no, demon! demon!
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always been purple, bad hair, bad italian actors, buffet = buffay, central perk, chanandler bong, chandler bing, chandler/joey, chandler/monica, chandler/phoebe, chandler/ross, chandler/sweater vest, chandlers bulging biceps, coffee, college flashbacks, comedy, concept of unagi, courteney cox arquette, crap bag, daily communities, dancing in water fountains, danger! danger!, dating twelve year olds, david schwimmer, days of our lives, dead mom(s), dinosaurs, divorce force, dool, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fake british accents, fat camp, forgetting babies on buses, friends, friends (the tv show), getting married in vegas, he's her lobster, homeless hobo's, how you doin?, inappropriate lullabies, jennifer aniston, joey doesn't share food, joey tribianni, joey/chandler/ross, joey/monica, joey/phoebe, joey/rachel, lesbian wives, lincoln high school, lisa kudrow, london baby, mac n cheese, matt leblanc, matthew perry, mental geller, mike hannigan, mike/phoebe, monica geller bing, monica/chandler, monica/rachel, monica/rachel/phoebe, mugging ross, nap buddies, nbc, new york city, nyc, paleontology, paul rudd, phoebe & her guitar, phoebe buffay, phoebe running like kermit, plays about womanhood, princess consuela bannanahammock, rachel green, rachel/chandler, rachel/phoebe, rachel/ross, rachel/ross/phoebe, ross geller, ross likes divorcing, ross&joey: undeniably gay, ross' rage, ross's teeth=demons, ross-a-tron, ross/joey, ross/monica, ross/phoebe, ross/rachel, saying the wrong name, smelly cat, soap operas, thanksgivings, the bings, the geller cup, the rembrants, tv, unagi, viva las gaygas, we were on a breaaaaaak!, work laughs